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Introduces us to the main characters Kurosaki Ichigo and Shinigami Kuchiki Rukiya from the very beginning.  Kurosaki Ichigo was leading the life of an ordinary Japanese student until one day he witnessed mysterious events. Unexpectedly, a girl named Rukiya appears in the hero’s life and informs him that she is a shinigami – a conductor of human souls to another world. But another duty of the shinigami is to fight the “empties” – the monsters. They prey on other humans.  She surrenders her power to Ichigo and breaks one of the important military laws and now faces a court martial.

In the story, the worlds of humans and gods are closely intertwining. Ordinary mortals have no idea that various mystical entities dwell alongside them. For whom the human soul is the most desirable and valuable acquisition. In a parallel world, there is a military organization of some spiritual entities.  Thirteen commander-in-chiefs control them. Rukia’s brother is the commander of one of the units.

He and the members of this organization steal Ichigo’s girlfriend because she is guilty. He decides to go after her to protect her, as he considers her completely innocent. So, he gathers a team of friends to invade this world and pass a ladder of enemies. He started with the rank and file and ended with the boss.But he will have to deal with the consequences of his deed, which will not go unpunished. To do so, Ichigo will have to become a shinigami himself. So

he use his spiritual power to protect himself and his loved ones.

Bleach manga gained popularity all over the world and became the basis for the release of anime and several versions of computer games with the same name. In 2005, it won the Shogakukan Award and became one of the bestsellers in Japan and America.

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