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JAGAAAAAAN manga shortly : an amazing manga by Kaneshiro Muneyuki about a policeman. He wished to be a hero, to fight evil, to help people. So, he has everything to do with it – the respect of his colleagues, a good apartment, pleasant appearance. He has a girlfriend whom he lives with. But the gay is tired of it all. He is fed up with routine work, scandalous bullies and obnoxious partner. Bored to the point that he  was   about  to kill someone. You’ll find out after reading JAGAAAAAAN manga.

So one night after job  in a subway car, he saw an ordinary man turn into a monster and destroyed several  man. And if it weren’t for a miracle! the monster would have killed him next. Suddenly the hero’s right hand turned into a gun hand. And Jagasaki punches the monster with his right hand like a pistol and kills it.  And a frog crawls out of the monster, which bird  like an owl. catch frog. She  introduces herself as Sanshiro Dokuyamado and tells him what’s to come.  It turns out that broken people periodically appear in the world.  If a person has any hidden desires such frogs penetrate their bodies and turn them into monsters.

When he arrives at his girlfriend’s house, he finds that she, too, has transformed.  He has to  kill her. So he discovers what were the  things that transformed him into a broken human warrior . And  he killed  transformed people  called rabid frogs. It is now Jagasaki’s fate to track down and kill all the broken humans. Also to collect and kill all the frogs, allowing him to grant a single wish.  What does the main character, who possesses such a powerful weapon as his right hand pistol, want?

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JAGAAAN (French & German)

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