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Gege Akutami created  Jujutsu Kaisen manga.  Senior student Yuji is a strong, physically developed boy. He was successful in sports. The coaches and leaders of the sports club repeatedly invited him to join them. But he stubbornly refused, as he was interested in magic and occult sciences.  So he becomes part of the occult research club. And finds one of the fingers of a great Cursed Spirit named “Sukuna”. All Curses are clots of negative energy that absorb the magic. And power of enchanted things. The finger is a talisman with a high level curse. And now he attracts various troubles and misfortunes to the school and students. Due to a lack of magic power, Yuji is unable to defeat the Curse. And decides to swallow his finger to protect his teacher and friends. But after that he himself becomes a vessel of the Curse.

Master Megumi decides to transfer Yuji to the Tokyo Metropolitan High School of Magic. And suggests a plan: collect all the fingers, feed them to Yuji and only after that kill the boy. Thus destroying Sukuna forever. Sukuna was a humanoid four-armed demon. And he spread his fingers all over the world. Now one inhabits Yuji’s body and plans to regain his power and body. His influence is such that all of the other Curses try to help him. Thus, Yuji finds himself under a pending death sentence. Under the orders of the high school administration. So he must find and consume all of Sukun’s remaining fingers so that the mages may finally destroy the “King of the Curses”.

Guided by the punishment of his grandfather, Yuji decides to die with dignity. Read Jujutsu Kaisen manga to find out what awaits him.

Associated Names

Jujutsu Kaisen – Batalha de Feiticeiros
Sorcery Fight
Магическая битва
जादुई लडाई

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