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World’s End Harem Fantasia Manga describes the adventures of Ark and his harem. Ark was the heir to the House of Nagar, but he showed no desire to be one. He was a timid and kind boy who didn’t like sword training, didn’t like fighting, didn’t like to fight. But at the age of 16 he fell in love with Aurelia. The heiress of the House of Istia, and was delighted to find out that she loved him too.

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But unfortunately they have no future. As she is by virtue of circumstances engaged to the Crown Prince of the Empire. And her parents are looking forward to when they become related to the royal family. The lovers even dared to run away, but they quickly returned. He was in despair, and then suddenly the priestess Lati appeared and offered her help.

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She explained that if he made no effort to become strong he would never obtain Aurelia. He must fulfill certain conditions for a year. In particular, he must develop his body by eating liver and drinking mandrake infusion. Not to have relations with women, and to increase his magical energy… In a year they will perform a ritual after which he will be a different person. He agrees to all the conditions, devotes more time to training, and has taken up management affairs to please his father.

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After the ritual, he is given the unusual ability to enslave women and turn them into his allies. When his father fell ill, his uncle arrived and decided to seize the castle and lands. How he will defeat his enemies, how his allies will help him and what will happen to them next you will find out by reading the World’s End Harem Fantasia manga.

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